Cities of Mundus

There are six major cities in Mundus, but there are a few other cities of note.

Silva Domus

The elven capital, combining the scape of the city with the beauty of nature. The elves are ruled by a monarchy, but the monarchs are elected by the people. One of the jewels of the elven city is their military task force of Dragonriders. (The home city of Brielle and Jar-Rel Daysong)

Loquas en Aquam

A mostly human, but definite melting pot, city. Extending out onto the lake, the city is groups of circular platforms which defines districts as well as providing for military tactics (shutting down circles, moving the population, etc.). The government of Loquas is a series of six chancellors, each focusing on a different aspect of the city (like Entertainment and Defense). This is the main hub for the party, having met a variety of different people.

Montem Arce

The dwarven capital, the great Stronghold. One of the cities that stood in the Age of Darkness. The majority of the city is internal, going deep into the earth to mine for gems. (The home city of Dreirina Naturetouched)

Civitas Monem

This island city has walls made of gems of Light. This is because, in the ground of the city, there are demons. The Light gems keep the creatures in the ground. Within the city, however, there is still not safety. Three gangs control much of the territory within the city – it is not a place for the weak of heart. (The home city of Elwood Dowd)

Domi Deserto

A desert city to the south. Built into the mountains, it is one of the few bastions of civilizations in the south. (The home city of Bear Strong)

Campi Domum

A plains city built on faith. Campi Domum is a “bootstraps” society, focusing on hard work, play, and prayer. Campi Domum is run by a theocracy with a representative from each god. (The home city of Zedidiah Stone)

Occultus Urbis

This city is almost completely destroyed; not much is known of these now ruins. However, the party traveled into the pipes under the city and managed to find a building within. From HAL, the party has learned that there were several other buildings below. It appears that these old ruins may become a new headquarters for the upcoming war effort.

Novi Repostus

This township is a new town that was established for Aquam to improve Lumber and Salt production. The party cleared out the salt mines of the gnolls that had inhabited them. The town is rather new but does have a military force. It is known that a Black Door is in the caves where the salt mine is.

Cities of Mundus

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