History of Mundus

1st Age – Age of Tears (AT)

The Age of Tears is the beginning of the world. The first sentient species began to grow and form from the world. There was constant battle, seemingly endless war. One of the main aggressors were the Varkesh, a race of reptilian dragon people. Not much is known about this period of time, save for the horrendous conditions and no safe havens for the sentient races.

2nd Age – Age of Growth (AG)

The three sentient races begin to built cities and strongholds; civilization begins to form. Much of the knowledge of this time was lost in the destruction that was the Age of Darkness. However, stories of the first Heroes survived. A human warrior called Tevid the Brave was noted for killing 10 at a time. An elven warrior, Elivin Silverbow, wouldn’t let human man best the elven race and destroyed a war party. A dwarven warrior, Hrothgrom Steelhammer, made his race proud and assaulted Varkesh camp – the death toll is only written as “100s.”

3rd Age – Age of Knowledge (AK)

This is the golden age of the sentient races. With civilization to allow for growth, the armies of the sentient races push back against the monsters and the evil race and turn the tide in the favor of good. This is the time of the “great cities.” Technology flourishes in this age. With its increase, marvels begin to appear – flameless lights, horseless carriagesm etc. Magic is seen as the “mana of the gods” instead of witchcraft, and so its influence increases the technology.

4th Age – Age of Darkness (AD)

The peace and power of the sentient races is sent into upheaval. A being known as the Underlord emerges and, under his mantle, the evil races that had been driven away now gather. Their vast army falls on the sentient races. The devastation is immense to almost a global scale. All the cities fall, save for the three northern cities – Silva Domus (the elven capital), Montem Arce (the dwarven stronghold), and Loquas en Aquam (the human city on the lake). However, an army of the sentient races, led by six champions, combat the Underlord and his minions and end the century-long war. Upon the Underlord’s death, the evil races go mad and turn on each other.

5th Age – Age of Awakening (AA)

This is the current Age of Mundus; the year is 101. In this age, three new major cities have been created – Campi Domum (a city in the plains), Domi Deserto (a desert city), and Civitas Monem (an island city of light-gemmed walls and demons in the ground). There is a prophecy that the Underlord will return…

…and it appears the Prophecy may be coming true…

History of Mundus

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