Magic and Gems

The Gems

Magic in Mundus is powered by runic writings; the elves in particular tend to use magic by runes alone. However, when harnessed, great power exists in certain gems in the world. There are seven varieties, differentiated by energy and color.

Fire – a red gem, often used to make an object create heat or light
Life – a green gem, often used for healing and sentience in constructs
Earth – a purple gem, often used to harness the powers of nature
Wind – a yellow gem, often used for movement of objects
Water – a blue gem, often used for traveling across water or creating water
Light – a white gem, rare but often used in Civitas Monem to ward demons from the city
Shadow – a black gem, which is rare but has been seen to aid in shadow magic

There is a common power structure used by those who know the magics within the gems. The five elemental gems are placed in a cirle in a particular order; it begins with the Fire gem at the top, then (in a clockwise movement) Life, Earth, Wind, and finally Water. Each gem is the dominant over the next gem in the pattern; fire consumes life, life erodes earth, earth cuts wind, wind pushes water, and water quenches fire. Therefore, when combining two gems of such relationship, use the dominant gem first (if creating a steam engine, start with the Water gem, and add the Fire gem)

Likewise, in the pattern, each gem is readily compatible with the two gems across from it; for instance, fire is readily compatible with earth (lava) and wind (a firestorm), and water is compatible with life (healing potions) and earth (mud). When the compatibility lines are traced, they form a star. It is in the heart of the star where the Light and Dark gems are placed; set up like a colon, the Light gem sits above the Dark Gem.

Magic and Gems

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