The Chancellors of Loquas en Aquam
– Alexander Fellous – Chancellor of Defense
– Alicia Thomason – Chancellor of Production
– Thomas Henry – Ex-Chancellor of Trade
– Fredrick Wesson – Chancellor of Trade
– Edgar Norris – Chancellor of the Courts
– Jonathan Favreau – Chancellor of Entertainment
– Ephraim Daniels – Chancellor of the Populous (an older gentleman in his 50’s-60’s; his secretary is an elven woman named Julie Anders)
– Douglas Highborn – Ex-Chancellor of Internal Affairs
– Allen Wentworth – Chancellor of Internal Affairs
– Liam Kingsley Sr. – Ex-Chancellor of the Populace Murdered 25 Years ago

Felix Tannet – leftenant in the Aquam military, serves under Chancellor Fellous

Alric Thomas – a human boy who disappeared ten years ago, has been found to be the possible reincarnation of the Underlord

Lord Jonathon Henry – representative of the Magus Temple

Prof. Jack Shriver – scholar of ancient languages

Major Harry Thomas – overseer of the new colony in the southern continent

Taylor Argent – a mage in the Magus Temple (need to give information)

Gary Anderson – owner of the Traveler’s Inn in Brome


Brielle’s Parents
– Alluin Elred Daysong – Brielle’s FatherHead Dragon Rider
– Eletha Faunalyn Lierin Daysong – Brielle’s MotherEx-Queen of the Elves

Dragon Riders
– Almon Zaor Silverleaf – Right Hand to Alluin
– Galan Vulmon Springsong – Head of Training
– Lyra Vanya Summerwind – Same Rank as Brielle
– Sinnafain Soora Silvertouched – Rider in Training
– Sumia Lierin Eveningstar – Councilor to Alluin
– Wyrran Aired Morningrise – Upper Ranked Rider
– Arlen Nasir Silversong – Trainer
– Gaylia Selphie Sweetwater – Councilor to Alluin
– Syviis Fae Forestfriend – New Rider
– Aila Arryn Silverleaf – Wife to AlmonLeft Hand of Alluin


Rulership of Montem Arce
– Ratrik Blessedguard – King of the Dwarves
– Tuddani Brightcloak – Wife to Ratrik Blessedguard
– Arakhir Shattercoat – Older Brother of Ratrik BlessedguardCommander of Defense
– Lorsarlun Runeshaper – Court Magic Wielder
– Tuthouc Marbleback – Left Councilor
– Londurra Greatfury – Right Councilor
– Rammena Thunderstone – Ratrik Blessedguard’s DaughterFirst Child
– Luvrat Derrobane – Ratrik Blessedguard’s SonSecond Child
– Vammula Bloodmaker – _Ratrik Blessedguard’s Daughter – Third Child
– Strorgath Solidshield – Younger Brother of Ratrik BlessedguardCaptain of the Guard
– Basik Axemaster – Liaison To the Party


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